Why WeCash?

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Building LOYALTY

By rewarding your customers will make them happy and become your loyal fans.

Increase Visits & Transactions

Customer rewards always lead to increase number of repeat sales.

Generate New LEADS

Huge users' database to generate new leads from multiple merchants and industries.

Effective O2O Business Model

Powerful O2O Marketing Strategies for your Offline-to-Online and Online-to-Offline channels.


The era of Mobile Internet, no more plastic cards, it's all digitalized.


Hassle-FREE, no download, no programming, no system integration, it's all in your WeChat.


No more conventional and standalone high costs loyalty system.

Increase Business REVENUE

In business, it is all about increasing leads generation, conversions, number of transactions and sales value to boost your revenue.

As a Business Owner, would you like to...

CONVERT your customers to become your faithful and Loyal Fans?

ATTRACT New Customers from other businesses and industries to your business?

INCREASE your Business Income with a very powerful Mobile Loyalty System at a very nominal investment?

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